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Call us: 951 784-0999 "You Talk We Listen"

Call us:  951 784-0999 ׀ "You Talk We Listen"


The property management industry is meant to take away your “pain” – not add to it. Here are just a few ways we here at JLA Real Estate Group can help.

Safety Concerns

Have you experienced electrical issues, fire hazards or general issues related to living “safely”? These are items that are high priority and should be dealt with immediately. Postponing them will only lead to larger problems. We offer 24 hour emergency maintenance from a responsive team. Contact us anytime – day or night.

Tenant Issues

Many property management companies fail to properly screen tenants, or worse, don’t screen at all. This lack of attention can lead to issues with public safety and create a hazard for all parties involved. We pride ourselves on thorough screening to help prevent the “worst case scenario” from occurring.

Maintenance Calls

Unresponsive management companies lead to larger problems between you and your tenants. We believe in being accessible and responsive and that starts with having a staff member dedicated to quickly fufilling maintenance requests.

Financial Matters

Your financial matters are as important as our own at JLA. We can help you prepare an annual operating budget, complete financial statements, get ready for audits and provide you with documentation to help alleviate “tax time pain”.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is top-of-mind for us and we want your tenants to feel the same. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work as a team to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. We strive every day to achieve uncommon results.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help take away some of your property management pain, contact us. We’re here to help!

Would you like a copy of our HOA Diagnostic which will help us understand how to manage your Homeowner’s Association? Please contact us at help@jlareg.com or visit www.jlareg.com.

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