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Call us: 951 784-0999 "You Talk We Listen"

Call us:  951 784-0999 ׀ "You Talk We Listen"


Renters, home owners and property managers all share the same desire to keep things in “tip-top” shape. Here are a few of our favorite tips for summer maintenance!

  • Repair or replace damaged screens. You will likely keep the windows closed during summer and the air conditioning on. This makes summer the ideal time to replace or repair screens. Come fall, when the weather is nice, you’ll be ready to open the windows without worrying about pesky insects flying in.
  • Clean the windows. If you skipped this step in the Spring, now is a great time to tackle this project. 
  • Clear your rain gutters to prevent standing water which can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Inspect the exterior paint on your home and repair as needed. A little work now will prevent excessive damage in the fall.
  • Clear any brush, weeds or other piles from around your home. These areas attract rodents and other pests that you don’t want calling your home….”home”.
  • Clean your grill – it’s cookout season! Liquid grill cleaner or vinegar and a wire brush will make your bbq grates shine.
  • Repair driveway cracks and holes with a concrete caulk or asphalt crack sealer. If the problem seems a bit more complicated, contact us for a reliable referral!
  • Clear 18″ of area around your AC unit to keep it running top notch.

Do you have a question about summer maintenance that we did not cover? Call us at 951-784-0999 or email us at help@jlareg. We would be happy to give you our best tips or provide a referral!

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