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Call us:  951 784-0999 ׀ "You Talk We Listen"



HOA, COA & Commercial

Full Service Management is the solution for a community board of directors seeking a turn-key level of service. Our company is supported by property management, accounting, maintenance, client services and administrative resources. President and CEO James Antoyan also has been certified as a Community Association Manager by the California Association of Community Managers. There are only 5% of all managers in the state of California that are certified. This ensures the quality and timeliness of our services. HOA’s are a sweet spot for us and we have discovered we always exceed our clients expectations. Below is a detailed list profiling what we do for HOA’s:

Advise & Consult

  • Act as advisor and consultant to the Board of Directors on all operational and business issues.
  • Act as liaison between Board of Directors and vendors
  • Act as liaison between Board of Directors and homeowners. Provide written documentation.
  • Act as liaison to government agencies and advise Board of Directors on current legislative issues.
  • Aid in the development and enforcement of policies; rules and regulations.
  • Solicit bids for service providers & vendors and make recommendations.
  • Maintain appropriate records and file systems.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance on behalf of the Homeowners Association.
  • Hire, train and supervise all personnel (where applicable).

Financial Services

  • Prepare annual operating budget for Board of Directors approval
  • Administer and monitor long-range plan.
  • Collect all funds due the association; and coordinate with collection agency.
  • Disburse funds for payment of all products and services.
  • Provide complete financial statements monthly.
  • Act as agent/liaison with financial institutions(s).
  • Coordinate and cooperate with audit/review and tax preparations.
  • Coordinate with investment advisor for reserve and savings accounts.
  • Prepare resale and refinance documents as requested on behalf of the association. (This expense to be paid by the requesting party.)

Meetings and Administration

  • Provide comprehensive monthly reports to Board of Directors.
  • Attend board meetings and annual membership meetings as stated in the contract.
  • Advise in forming committees and committee structure.
  • Prepare meeting agenda with Board of Directors input.
  • Prepare and coordinate annual meeting notices, agenda, reports and location.

Physical Asset

  • Provide for 24-hour emergency maintenance service.
  • Provide for regular site visits (at least twice a month).
  • Coordinate all maintenance of buildings and grounds
  • Coordinate all related insurance claims.



(An extra fee for overseeing development)

  • Word searchable online information and documents
  • Multiple communication functions (broadcast notices, newsletters, community calendar).
  • Association business management (agendas, minutes, violations and architectural control).
  • Maintenance – seamlessly integrated into monthly reports!
  • Highlight community amenities
  • Advertise homes for sale/rent
  • Offer polls, surveys, and voting information
  • Display community classifieds
  • Provide vendor ad space
  • Share a community photo album
  • Display upcoming events
  • Integrate social media links and Google maps and so much more!

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