Call us: 951 784-0999 "You Talk We Listen"

Call us:  951 784-0999 ׀ "You Talk We Listen"

Sometimes times a kind gesture says THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Here at JLA Real Estate Group We strive to take care of our property managment clients like we would take care of our own properties. I received a call from a client. We manage a property for her. She remembered when we first met that I told her I liked homemade tamales.

I got a call today and she said I am in the parking lot with some Tamales for you. I went downstairs and saw her and she handed me the tamales and she also made me a homemade flan.

Being the best property management company is not always easy. But there is no need for her to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! because she already did.

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