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Tips From The Expert

If your Homeowner’s Association is paying a gas bill to keep your swimming pool heated, there may be an option to reduce that cost by installing a solar pool heating system on the roof of the club house or an adjacent patio cover.

The size and cost of the system would be determined by a number of factors, such as the size of the pool in surface area and a corresponding area on which to install the solar pool heating system; the distance from the installed area to the pool equipment; the comfort level in pool temperature requested by membership; and the length of season the membership would like to maintain swimming temperatures.

There are, of course, many solar pool heating entities that can offer an evaluation and a bid for such a system, and there are ways to compare the production output and value of each bid. The SRCC is one independent organization that rates the net BTU output on a variety of panel manufactures. Selecting a product by a manufacturer that has a proven history of performance is a good start as well.

FAFCO is the original manufacturer of solar pool heating panels in the United States, started in 1969 and based today in Chico, CA inside a custom-designed factory. Their exclusive dealer-installer is Revco Solar Engineering, the oldest, licensed solar contractor in CA (CSLB# 387219), founded in 1976.

REVCO’S local representative, Kerry McDaniel, is in his eleventh year in solar, an experienced expert in solar pool heating, solar hot water heating and in solar photovoltaic (PV) for solar electric systems. Revco offers all forms of solar products for its clients, including design and installation.

Tips From the Expert
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